Kigali Business Center

KBC is the household name of a landmark commercial building that exists since 2003 and it is located at the Kimihurura gateway literally across the iconic Kigali Convention Center, the Radisson Blu Hotel and Kigali Heights.

KBC has been having a major facelift since 2016 and it is NOW OPEN for trading with a total build up area of around 24,000m2. It is a mixed use building that offers high quality offices and a wide range options for shopping, dining and entertainment. The Shopping Centre is the first of its kind in Rwanda with a multi-level retail area that balances a steady mix of the finest local and international brands.

The geographical positioning of KBC is so central that it strategically fits between CBD and the major middle & high income residential neighborhoods. It has the privilege of being a walking distance from all embassies including British, Dutch, Japanese, American, Kenyan, Ugandan, South African, Egyptian, etc.
Other major offices in the environs include the Office of the President, most Government Ministries, African Development Bank, UN Agencies, and the like.

KBC provides approximately 4,000 m2 of high-quality office space in a building and work environment that easily attract international brands, high-end local brands due to the quality, design and location of the property.
KBC provides Multiple Parking Spaces and Open to Trade in the First Quarter of 2018 For leisure, and provides approximately 14,500 m2 of retail space with units from 72 m2 to 1,500 m2. The retail space offers a wide range of options for stores, restaurants, entertainment and Lifestyle products.

The shopping center is unique with a multi-level retail space that balances a steady mix of top local brands and international brands. The eighth floor offers a very impressive terrace for the best bars and restaurants, an ideal place to relax.